C-PAT Meeting Notes

 First Meeting of the 2018-2019 school year:  October 9, 2018 @ 7:00 pm

Meeting Minutes from 5/7/20

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Meeting Minutes from 2/13/20

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Meeting Minutes from 1/16/20

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Meeting Minutes from 11/12/19

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Meeting Notes - September 11, 2019

C-PAT Meeting Notes 9-11-19

Meeting called to order @ 6:30pm- moment of silence for 911

Pledge of Allegiance

Welcome Introduction of Board Members

•Secretary Report- approved minutes-Dr. Milne/Christa Griffith

•Treasurer's Report by Christa Griffith

New line items

Positive income item for pool party

Box Top App

Coke Rewards

Fall Fundraiser

Additional items added as line item

Budget made motion to pass Jenna O'Shell/Angie Coldren

•PIE Coordinator/Jenna O'Shell

Explained what PIE is and that next meeting is at West Hempfield

•Past Events

Chalk The Walk- day before school starts

Pool Party- 769 people signed up- approx. 560 attended - $800-1000 in supplies

Believe Fundraiser Sept 3rd-Sept 20th

Buyout option this year $50, Mega event

Possibly Thursday 100 students registered online

Angie discussed Fundraiser approx. $3300 as of today

Incentive - 1 child per grade level to pie or slime principal if school goals are met

•Committee Reports

Grandparents Breakfast end of Sept.

Sign-up genius for donations

Average 250-300 per day headcount

Teacher help flip pancakes

Raffles for free-donations from politicians

JP's market donating gift card as well

Dominic's Sportswear

Stanwood Elementary online, order placed by the end of the month. Will be back in the middle of the following month.

Box Top App

Scan receipts to see if you have any qualifying purchases. Download app on phone.


Send in receipts from Eastgate & Mall

Shop n Save Seed Program

Register card online

Amazon Smile


Coke Gives

Send tops or cardboard codes

Change Wars

Send in bags of change, volunteers for counting money - Somerset Trust has change machine

Book fair 11/13-11/19

Book Fair changing, getting rid of smaller toys, etc. Focus on books.

North Pole Spectacular

Donations coming in.

Nov. 4th- Planning Meeting

Sign up sheet sent around, ideas discussed for companies to decorate

November 27 - Start Decorating for NPS

Oct 11th- Fireman Friday

Will Texas Roadhouse donate?

Jen Shively speaker for Veteran's Day

By Laws updated over summer

Removed teachers to be present to request.

Updates discussed.

By-Laws posted on our website.

Motion to approve:Jenna O'Shell/Jackie Bartlebaugh

Audit completed July 2019

Caring Closet

Clothing available for all sizes here at Stanwood. Used for less fortunate or if there is a spill/accident

•Teachers Report

Dr. Milne

Grant from Attack Theatre - September - October 28th

3rd grade to Westmoreland Museum

Attack Theatre shows them movement and ways to express themselves

Dr Milne Twitter account to follow. @hasd_STW, trying to eliminate. Stanwoodmakers

Dr Milne Girls on the Run 3rd, 4th, 5th grade

March-May final race @ Hartwood Acres

Mrs Johnson Thanks for bus helpers

May 1st for Kindergarten to Triple B Farm

Mrs. Pollack Excited about the direction of C-PAT

•New Business

Angie-Fall fundraiser helpers needed 5-7 for pickup, no date for delivery yet

Tentative mid Oct for pickup

Jenna-Market Day suggestion is back. We are waiting on info. Pie sale around Thanksgiving successful in past.

•Principal Report

Ms. Weisser Thank you for welcoming her to Stanwood

•Upcoming Spirit Nights

Chick-Fil-a- 20% back on 9/27/19

Rocco’s Pizza - 20% back on 10/21/19

Hots Shots- we get $4.00 back per person that goes

Meeting concluded 7:33 pm - 2nd by Dr. Milne

Meeting notes submitted by Michelle Cairns, Secretary

May 8, 2019

Meeting Minutes

Stanwood Elementary C-PAT

Date: May 8, 2019

Location: Stanwood Elementary Library

Meeting Called to Order by: Jenna O’Shell

(C-PAT President)

Time: 7:00 pm

Attendance: Approximately 11 attendees – see sign in sheet

Minutes: Minutes from previous meeting were reviewed and a copy

was available for review during the meeting. There were no

correspondence to be shared.

Officers’ Reports

Treasurer: Christa Griffith and Tracy Hucik reviewed budget from

3.1.2019 to 4.30.2019 and discussed current balance and the estimated

balance upon debits of upcoming activities. Beginning balance reported is

$50,651.36 and the ending balance is $52,867.96.

P.I.E: Heather Bitar, P.I.E. coordinator was not in attendance. No report

was made however.

Past Events: Reviewed past events:

Skate Party – Earned a profit of $41.00.

Rocco’s – was an enormous success. We had a lot of participation and

earned a profit of $700.00.

Committee Reports

Box Tops: Brandy Trout – Final collection was made and Miss

George’s room won with 823 box tops. In second place is Mrs. Smedley’s

room with a total of 726 box tops and in third place is Ms. Sieg’s room with

a total of 630 box tops. C-PAT will purchase popsicles for popsicle party.

5.8.2019 Meeting Minutes

Chick-Fil-A: A reminder to use the establishments at Eastgate or

Westmoreland Mall was made.

Fall Fundraiser: The members voted unanimously to hold a Color Run

and also use Believe as our fall fundraising.

Coca-Cola Gives: Continue to collect bottle caps from Coca-Cola

products. Submit to C-PAT and we will enter the codes on the site for


Teacher’s Report: No reports

Old Business :

Staff Appreciation: Staff appreciation week is confirmed for

Monday May 13 th .

Field Day: Scheduled for May 24 th, rain date of May 29 th . No new needs

addressed. Discussed possibly using funds to acquire t-shirts for the

students, however due to time constraints, this was taken off the table.

Senior Walk: Scheduled for May 30 th at 3 pm. Photographer is likely

to attend.

New Business

Stanny’s: Scheduled for May 31, 2019. Providing $10 gifts for each

grade level and $25 gift cards to Chick-Fil-A and also Barnes & Noble for

the Caleb Remaley Award.

Band Concert: Scheduled for May 20, 2019 and need flowers for Ms.

Williams and Mrs. Edgar.

Other fundraising ideas: Discussed other fundraising ideas such as

incorporating an outdoor movie night into the event list for the school year.

Shawna Helman is gathering information to share at the first meeting in

the 2019-2020 school year, including licensing information. Holding a

dance for the students was also discussed.

Elections: The members present elected Stanwood C-PAT officers for

the 2019-2020 school year as:

President – Sonja Kubinec

Vice President – Sara Lazar & Heather Welch

Treasurer – Christa Griffith & Angie Coldren

Secretary -Michelle Cairns

Principal’s Report: Discussed the need for advanced technology for

student use that Mr. Kalp can incorporate into his curriculum. Voted

unanimously to spend funds on drones for Mr. Kalp.

Questions & Announcements - None

Meeting Adjourned: At 8:47 pm by Jenna O’Shell, 2018-2019

Stanwood Elementary C-PAT President

Minutes Compiled By: Shawna Helman, 2018-2019 Stanwood

Elementary C-PAT Secretary.

February 5, 2019

Meeting Minutes 2/5/19

Stanwood Elementary C-PAT

Date: February 5, 2019

Location: Stanwood Elementary Library

Meeting called to order by: Jenna O’Shell

Time: 7:01 pm

Attendance: 14 attendees - see sign in sheet


Minutes from previous meeting are available online stanwoodcpat.org for review.

Motion to approve minutes: Dr. Milne

Seconded by: Heather Welch

Officers' Reports:


Tracy Hucik and Christa Griffith reviewed budget from 11/1/18 - 1/31/19. Beginning Balance reported as of 10/31/19 is $43, 835.43 and ending budget as of 1/31/19 is $55, 476.75. A motion to approve the budget was made by Jess Higgins.


Not present - No new news. PIE meeting was postponed until end of year.

Past Events:

Reviewed past events - North Pole Spectacular on December 7, 2018. All went well and ran smoothly. Many thanks to all volunteers, everyone for donating, Project 18 students, and High School Chorus. Approximate profit from event was $2700.00. North Pole Spectacular for 2019 will be on December 13.

Committee Reports:

Box Tops:

Brandy Trout reported from Nov. 1 pick up - Stanwood earned $363.00. Next collection will be at the end of February. Box Tops don’t seem to be on as many products as they use to be. Looking to Budget less than $1000 for next year. Will need to see where we come out at end of year.

Chick Fil A:

Coordinator was unavailable to provide report. Sonja Kubinec reported there will be a Spirit Night at Greengate Chick Fil A on May 30th. Times TBA. Stanwood CPAT will get 20% back in catering credit to use for future events like Grandparent’s Breakfast and Veteran’s Day.

Amazon Smile:

Flyers were sent home. Checks come quarterly. Have not received one yet. Need to spread the word.

Caring Closet:

Stocked for winter. Still accepting donations. Currently have at least 24 bins of clothing. Let CPAT know what is needed. Sonja Kubinec will ask Lisa from Westmoreland Sale for Kids for spring/summer donations after the spring consignment sale. Positive remarks from teachers.

Spring Book Fair:

Scheduled for March 18-22, 2019. Family night is March 19, 2019. This coincides with March Arts. CPAT will give K-2 $5 for books and 3-5 $7 for books for each student. This Book Fair is Buy One Get One Free.

Spirit Days:

Rocco’s - May 6, 2019 (4-8pm). Rocco will give Stanwood CPAT 20% of sales from that night. Flyers will be sent out before event and stickers given to students night of event. Chick Fil A spirit night will be on May 30, 2019.

Remaley Memorial:

Due to low funding and upkeep for outside memorial, an inside memorial will happen. CPAT will begin ordering supplies such as boy reading statue, bean bags, book dedicated in memory of Caleb and Dana for the library.

Field Day:

May 24, 2019 with rain date of May 29, 2019. Jenna stated requests to companies for prices regarding inflatables have been sent out. Prices, quality, and products for rain date influence the company used for the inflatables.


Kick off was 2/4/19. March 8, 2019 is date of Kids Heart Challenge in school. Mention of Smencil sales.

Mega Event:

Friday - February 8, 2019 - 166 students eligible for event. Grades K-2 - 5:30-7:00 and grades 3-5 - 7:30-9:00. 31 students eligible for Limo Lunch, 7 students eligible for Money Machine, and 4 kids eligible for $50.


Shawna is in the process of getting the Science Center with Seed Dollars - 3/11/19

Spring Pictures:

3/5/19 - Lifetouch Photography for Spring. CPAT to get $2.00 per student from Lifetouch. Vote to approve: Dr. Milne. Seconded by Angie Coldren.

Principal’s Report:

Mr. Behrendt was not present. Jenna shared information discussed with John. Increased security at front entrance. PSSA’s will begin on April 15 with ELA and conclude May 1 with Science.

Teacher’s Report:

Mrs. Kudrick: 3rd grade going to Children’s Museum on 3/7/19. DMJ Transportation. Mrs. Kudrick also stated she liked the newsletters that CPAT has been sending out.

Mrs. Higgins: 4th grade going to Ft. Ligonier on May 22nd and Fr. Necessity on May 28th. Since Grant was obtained for $600 for Ft Ligonier, There may be money left over for Carnegie Science to come in.

Mrs. Higgins also asked for money to buy more Bully Free Shirts for new students. Discussion of being a line item on budget again. CPAT asked for financial records of Bully Free Committee and number of shirts needed before making a decision to purchase more. Mrs. Higgins was going to get this for CPAT.

Mrs. Pallitto: 1st grade is going to Pittsburgh Zoo on 5/6/19 - Cost is $16.79 per student.

Dr. Milne: Girls on the Run - Grades 3-5 Runs for 10 weeks on Monday and Wednesday - 4:00-5:30. Register online for $175; however, since Stanwood is a Title 1 School Scholarships are available. Head coach is Ms. Shaffo - Assistant coaches are Dr. Milne, Mrs. Holsinger, and Mrs. Weiss. Culminating Race on 5/19/19 @ Hartwood Acres.

Vocabulary march is 4/29/19

Grant given to Kindergarten from Westmoreland Museum to attend on 4/23/19

March 3, 2019 - Allegheny Art Display

Old Business:

Positive messages in bathrooms - vinyl ordered. Mrs. Prosdocimo to create messages.

By Laws Committee - meeting soon

Audit Committee - meeting soon

Reminder App/Bloomz - Michelle checking into this. Have not received an update.

Remaley Fund: See above notes

New Business:

In need of someone to help with Bulletin Board information in office. No one volunteered.

Shawna working on a possible skate night for a family event.

Sonja mentioned looking into a Cookies and Canvas event for a family night.

Graduation Walk - Michelle Cairns in charge of this


Nominations for 2019-2020 board in April Meeting

Next meeting: Thursday 4/4/19 @ 7:00 pm

Meeting adjourned:at 8:07 pm by Jenna O’Shell, 2018-2019, Stanwood Elementary CPAT President

Minutes compiled by: Sonja Kubinec and Sara Lazar, 2018-2019 Stanwood Elementary CPAT Vice-Presidents  

November 15, 2018

Meeting Minutes​

Stanwood Elementary C-PAT

Date: November 15, 2018​

Location: Stanwood Elementary Library

Meeting Called to Order by: Jenna O’Shell (C-PAT President)

Time: 4:39 pm

Attendance: Approximately 12 attendees – see sign in sheet

Minutes: Minutes from previous meeting were read and available for review. Motion to approve minutes was made by Dr. Wendy Milne and seconded by Ms. Tammy Gray. Correspondence were read and shared.

Officers’ Reports

Treasurer: Christa Griffith and Tracy Hucik reviewed budget from 9.30.18 to 10.31.18 and discussed current balance and the estimated balance upon debits of upcoming activities. Beginning balance reported is $62,225.21 and the ending balance reported as of 10.31.18 is $43,835.43. A motion to approve the budget was made by Mrs. Jill Prosdocimo and seconded by Heather Welch.

P.I.E: Heather Bitar, P.I.E. coordinator was not in attendance however Jenna O’Shell, provided the report on her behalf. Reported on the P.I.E. Meeting.

Past Events: Reviewed past events: Color Run, Fall Fundraiser, Book Fair, Veteran’s Day. All activities and events went well and were within budget.

Committee Reports

North Pole Spectacular: RSVPs are due by November 30, 2018. Each grade level has been asked to contribute a basket to raffle off. The committee is meeting to decorate beginning November 30th in the evening, no specific time has been determined yet. A sign up genius has been requested for PM volunteers to decorate.

Box Tops: A pick up was completed on October 24, 2018 and submitted for a November 1, 2018 deadline. Will receive $363.40 from fall collection. Next deadline is March 1, 2019. Collection is scheduled for approximately every 2 months. Next pick up is scheduled for December 21, 2018. Another collection is scheduled for Ja

Chick-Fil-A: Coordinator was unavailable to provide report.

Amazon Smile: Earned $14.00. That is all the information that was provided at this time.

Caring Closet: Can use boy clothes. Discussion took place about creating a “Google Doc” for teachers to communicate needs with Principal and School Counselor.

Spring Book Fair: Scheduled for March 18-22, 2019. Will need volunteers.

Principal’s Report: A Principal’s report was not presented.

Teacher’s Report:

• Jill Prosdocimo (grade 3): Transportation for field trips is currently $60/hr per bus. Bussing for special needs students is paid for by Special Education department. Possibly (in discussion) requesting transportation outside (DMJ, PA Coachlines and Myers) of the district to lower costs.

• Wendy Milne (ART): Received $8,000 from PA Council for the Arts. The funds were utilized for Attack Theatre who worked with 3rd grade students to incorporate ways they can incorporate moving into learning (field trip to Westmoreland Museum of Art, Transportation included). Dr. Milne also discussed inception of Girls On The Run program through UPMC Magee. Miss Shaffo and Dr. Milne are coordinating the program. The program will begin March 2019 and is scheduled to take place weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays until the program ends with a 5k race.

• Tammy Gray (grade 2): Due to transportation complications, 2nd grade did not attend scheduled field trip to PPG in November. 2nd grade students have the opportunity to visit PPG Arena and watch the Pittsburgh Penguins free of charge on December 3, 2018. Ms. Gray is requesting bus funding however considering outsourcing transportation. C-PAT will be notified of a determination.

Old Business

Caleb Remaley Fund: Concerns were discussed regarding lack of progress made in memorial for Caleb. Discussed holdup(s) with district that were previously reported/discussed. Mrs. Prosdocimo will call to inquire about building or installing planter boxes on school grounds.

New Business

School Sign: C-PAT has been approached for assistance in updating the school’s sign monthly. A discussion about possibly using Sign-Up Genius to coordinate volunteers for the month was had. At this time, a determination has not been made as to how volunteers will be acquired.

Winter Fun Day: Scheduled for December 17, 2018. Students will enjoy a fun winter day.

Winter Party: Scheduled for December 21, 2018. Volunteers will be notified of appropriate arrival times.

Questions & Announcements

Holiday decorations - It has been requested by the school’s Principal to have the Holiday decorations taken down before students return in January 2019. 

Meeting Adjourned: At 5:30 pm by Jenna O’Shell, 2018-2019 Stanwood Elementary C-PAT President

Minutes Compiled By: Shawna Helman, 2018-2019 Stanwood Elementary C-PAT Secretary

11.15.18 Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2018

 Meeting Minutes

Stanwood Elementary C-PAT

Date: October 9, 2018

Location: Stanwood Elementary Library

Meeting Called to Order by: Jenna O’Shell (C-PAT President)

Time: 7:02 pm

Attendance: Approximately 17 attendees – see sign in sheet

Minutes: Minutes from previous meeting were read and available for review. Motion to approve minutes was made by Michelle Cairns and seconded by Angie Coldren.

Welcome & Introductions: The board was introduced and Attendees were asked to introduce themselves as well.

Correspondence: Received, read and shared


Officers’ Reports

Treasurer: Christa Griffith and Tracy Hucik. Budget reviewed and discussion included current balance and the estimated balance upon debits of upcoming activities. The year’s balance (7.1.18 to 9.20.18) at $24,653.50 and the ending balance, as of September 30, 2018, $62,225.21.

P.I.E: Heather Bitar, P.I.E. coordinator was not in attendance however Jenna O’Shell, provided the report on her behalf. Reported on the P.I.E. Meeting, provided an explanation of Partner’s In Education. Discussed new website information and Sangha. Teachers are continuing to use other apps as means of communicating and Skyward is still functioning as well. Reiterated that FBI clearances are needed for field trips ; we discussed where to go to complete the process – IDENTIGO @ Westmoreland Intermediate Unit. Information about clearances are on Hempfield Area District’s Website.

Past Events: Reviewed past events: Staff Appreciation, Field Day, Senior Walk, Pool Party and Grandparents Breakfast – All events went well and were reported as under budget.

Committee Reports

Veteran’s Day: Breakfast and performance for Veterans on November 8, 2018. Ms. Gray received 85 donated meals from Texas Roadhouse. Ms. Gray to purchase salad and dressing.

Box Tops: No one present to discuss/review committee news.

Chick-Fil-A: Approximately $325 remaining from 2017-2018 school year. Remaining funds/points to be utilized for Veteran’s Day program.

Fall Fundraiser: 196 students participated. 2,715 items were sold. Invoices will be sent to C-PAT e-mail. Pick up is scheduled for October 24th from 5pm to 7pm. Friday February 8, 2019 is the tentative date for the Mega Event.

Book Fair: Scheduled to run from November 1st to 7th. Will also be open during conferences on November 8th and 9th. Change Wars is scheduled for October 15th to 19th. Need volunteers to assist with shopping.

Color Run: Reviewed individual student awards (5 students) and class awards (3 classes). Chairperson explained why the “Get Movin’ Crew” was chosen – will receive 100% of cash and checks, we will lose a percentage of credit card sales due to fees. Shirts, color packets and prizes are paid for separately. Project 18 volunteers from the High School will volunteer their time. The current level of contributions, donations were presented. Custodians are confirmed as secured for the event. Discussed requesting using the CTC parking lot for parking for the event. Donuts for the firemen have been approved.

Amazon Smile: Fundraiser explained. Appointed a committee chair, Amanda M.

North Pole Spectacular: Scheduled for December 7, 2018, event will be held in cafeteria and gymnasium. Will offer a gift basket raffle during the event. Mrs. Muchoney is coordinating with grade level teachers. Changed the pricing structure this year for the event. Prices are now $5.00/child and $10 for adults. Will have the same stations as last year. The committee will begin to set up the week of the event. Requested donations for the event.

Coca Cola Gives: Fundraiser explained by Sonja K.

Principal’s Report: Thank you to C-PAT for the Grandparent’s Breakfast and for the Bully-Free T-Shirts. Reviewed school safety and ATLAS Training-what to do if you see a weapon at the school. Firemen were at the school on 10.12.2018, demonstration went well. CTC evacuation is scheduled for 10.23.2018.

Old Business

By-Laws: The reason behind needing to review the by-laws was explained to the members. By-laws should be reviewed and updated every 3 years.

Audit Committee: Tracy H. indicated two non board members are needed for this committee. Tracie Cole and Mark Muchoney have volunteered to assist in the Audit.

New Business

Communication App: Discussed the possibility of C-PAT utilizing an app to communicate with members and volunteers. Someone suggested bloomz instead of Remind.

Questions & Announcements

Local Firemen Departments - Providing a brunch for the volunteers on Fire Prevention day scheduled for 10.12.18.

Website & Newsletter - Informed members of our newly created website and also the monthly newsletter.


Meeting Adjourned: At 8:03 pm by Jenna O’Shell

Minutes Compiled By: Shawna Helman, 2018-2019 Stanwood Elementary C-PAT Secretary