Chick Fil A Spirit Day

Thank you to everyone who supported Stanwood!  We earned $350!

Thank you to everyone who supported Stanwood on 5/8/19! Rocco is donating $700 to Stanwood!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

A huge THANK YOU to our many sponsors for the North Pole Spectacular on 12.7.18! 

Without your support, we wouldn't have had 64 baskets of goodies to raffle along with Aldi's lettuce, GoGo Squeeze Applesauce, Youngwood Corner Market's chicken, vegetables, and rolls, Rizzo's sauce, Olive Garden's pasta, McFeely's Arctic Ice, The Dapper Doughnuts, Lion's Club Popcorn, and the many parents, staff, and students who donated their time, efforts, and basket items to make this event so SPECTACULAR!

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Veteran's Day Program

November 8, 2018

Thank you Veterans for attending the Stanwood Elementary's Veteran Day Program.  Thank you Brig.General John Kubinec for such an engaging speech for the students, teachers, and veterans. 

Grandparent's Breakfast

September, 2018

 We hope you all enjoyed your time with your loved one(s)!

Pool Party - August, 2018

Our Stanwood Family is AWESOME! This is what YOU have done for our students! We hope everyone had a great night! Thank you to our vendors, the food was fantastic!